How to Style // Workout & Wear-around


Admittedly, I spend a LOT of time in my workout clothes, and as someone who likes looking put together just as much as I like feeling great, exercising in style just seems to make sense for me. 

We talked yesterday about how looking great while you work out can make it a more positive experience, but if you're a multi-tasker like I am (gym, errands, grocery store!) you most likely are needing your exercise gear to do double duty every now and again (...or at least look semi-presentable for that cutie who always seems to pick the treadmill next to yours)!  ;)

When I'm pressed for time, I love making some of my more basic exercise clothes (especially these super-slimming compression leggings!) work as a stand-in for regular wardrobe pieces, and today's post is an example of how you can easily use Old Navy Active to switch up your look and go from be-bopping around the gym to zipping around town in no time.

Active Padded Cami // $12
Active Compression Leggings // $22
Micro Performance Fleece Jacket // $25
Active Striped Sneakers // $19
Zip-top Tote // $25

    Active Compression Leggings // $22
    Long-sleeve Tunic Tee // $20
    Leopard [Michael Kors] Cardigan // $90
    Hooded Anorak // $25
    Lace-up Wedge Booties // $20


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