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Anyone else want to give a WOOT WOOT for a three-day weekend?  As someone who runs the show here at S&P HQ, I'm often tempted to work during times that most everyone else has off, but am making it a point to be better about observing designated holidays and just generally taking a little more time for myself in 2013.
Something that has made it a lot easier so far, has been planning for fun adventures and day-trips with Mr. Pepper, and this weekend has been full of them!  Saturday, we went to visit the Princeton University campus in NJ (along with sampling 3 different flavors of locally made artisan ice cream at two different shops!), yesterday was thrifting and a movie (we saw this one and it was AMAZING), and today we're headed to the American Museum of Natural History (so excited to see the butterfly exhibit)!
Today's sprinkles are a bit of an [unintentional] homage to our upcoming excursion, but I love that they correspond to the botanical beauty that we'll likely come across this afternoon.
  • one // Bringing new meaning to feeling "at one with nature", this artwork by Jon Duenas has me daydreaming about warmer temps and more time spent soaking up the sun outside. (via Design Sponge)
  • two // Love salsa as much as I do?  (Doubt it.)  Nonetheless, this growing kit would be the perfect gift for the spice-lover in your your life, or a tasty new hobby to take on yourself!
  • three // So not over the patterned denim trend over here and this floral pair is too cute for words.  Reminds me a bit of this Shop Her Style post from a few weeks back!
  • four: // I'm a huge fan of terrariums and the unexpected tiny details of these beauties are reinforcing my love for all things tiny(via Emmadime)
  • five // Missing California more than normal these days, and seeing the photos from this drive through Joshua Tree National Park made me realize that it's just time to plan another trip already.  Palm Springs, anyone?

Alright, now your turn to share: Do you have the day off today? Any fun adventures planned that I should know about? ;)

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