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Right around this time of year, it feels like people are gearing up for one of two things: either they're hunkering down to stay put for the holidays, or they take off and travel the country (or even globe!) to be with their own loved ones at this special time of year.  For the past 9 Christmases, I've had to hop on a plane in order to be near the family that we celebrate with, and that has admittedly made me a bit of a travel nerd (evidence via past posts here & here!).  I'm usually the one who is grossly overprepared and love being able to offer advice or an advil to a fellow passenger in need.  Despite the slight extra effort (and occasional embarrassment of my husband), I always end up grateful for the arsenal of supplies that I carry with me.  You know I love sharing my own tips and tricks with you here, and that's why this edition of [Monday] Sprinkles aims to do just that.  Check out the tidbits below, and let me know your own  advice for great adventures in the comments! One // You can't take-off without the right equipment and I swear by my two travel bags from Lo & Sons (I have both the backpack and carry on)...  and if you're overwhelmed at the thought of getting everything to fit neatly inside without having to scrumple around for a misplaced ID or lip balm, be sure to check out these handy purse organization tips for a helpful guideline!Two //  Truffle pouches are my new go-to for keeping my receipts, magazine clippings & other important little bits together (I'm obsessed!), and you can snatch up one of these clear pocket organizers for yourself at 20% off this week with the special code "STYLE" at check-out (available until 12/18/12)! Three // Looking for a way to get your sartorial ducks in a row before hitting the road?  Expert stylists (that are also frequent travelers!) at the Portavi Co. will walk you through exactly what you'll need to fill your bags with fashion.  Bonus: They're also one of the kind sponsors of Pepperologie!Four // No one likes a wardrobe malfunction while you're away from home, but in order to fix the inevitable disaster, I always carry a few of these handy bits in my fashion first aid kit, and am always prepared in the case of spills, snags or other style emergencies.Five // I'll be sharing one of my cold-weather airport "uniforms" with you in an outfit post tomorrow, but to see what I usually wear between the wings in the summertime, check out this post on Design Mom for a sneak peek!  (Spoiler alert: I'm sporting a semi-controversial trend, and thought it was so interesting to hear what Gabrielle's readers thought of the look.)Are you going anywhere for Christmas next weekI'd love to hear about your upcoming adventures, and I hope that your have smooth and safe travels if you're taking to the road or the air sometime soon!*Layout by Sarah Sherwood

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