Four to Adore // Flipping for Flats



Another Four to Adore for your Friday morning!  Do we like these little shopping posts?  I love picking a few things that I love to share with you here, but you'll have to let me know if you want me to keep 'em coming... I've been having fun experimenting with some new content lately (as you may have noticed), but I want to make sure that you like what you see, as well.

Today's post features a few very different pairs of flats, but I honestly love each and every one.  I'm more of a "heels" girl myself, but having just a few amazing comfortable options is key to making your way around NYC.  In my mind, the perfect pair even justifies a higher price point that I'd normally spend on a pair of shoes, and these are just a few of the options that I've been considering lately.

Are you more of a flats-girl, or are heels more your style?  If you had to choose from the options above - Which would be your first pick?  (I'm leaning towards the polka dotted pretties!)

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