Digital Sprinkles // Giving Thanks


Seems like there is so much to be thankful for this year, and I'm constantly counting my many blessings, including Mr. Pepper, Sadie Mae, my brother, parents and sweet sweet friends and family all over the country.Today's Sunday Sprinkles are just a few things I love that don't get quite as much gratitude as some of the more obvious things in life, and I loved taking a look back at my instagram feed from the year and reliving some of the highlights while I picked out my faves!See below for the run-down, and feel free to share some your own quirky things that you're grateful for in the comments...

  1. Some are surprised to find out that stand-up comedy is a huge part of our marriage and friendship (it was one of the first things we bonded over when we started dating!), but moving to the NYC-area has made it so much fun to live with countless clubs and amazing performances right at our fingertips.
  2. I feel most at home when I'm near the ocean, and I'm immensely thankful that for the next few days, this is my current view out the window while we spend the first part of the week with friends at my in-laws beach house in Southern California.
  3. G and I got in the habit of eating dinner together by candlelight when the power was out during Sandy, but now that we have electricity again, we've had fun keeping up the new habit. Nothing like a little natural-disaster-inspired romance, right?
  4. Might sound cliche, but my health and the ability to live an active lifestyle are things that I count myself very lucky to have.  As someone who struggles with a few chronic issues, every day that I wake up feeling even remotely close to great is a true blessing.  (Plus, who wouldn't feel thankful for the chance to take gorgeous runs along the river, with the NYC skyline in the background?)
  5. Last, but certainly not least: Hot Sauce (capital letters, intentional).  If you know me, you know I love it in everything from breakfast oatmeal to cocktails to vanilla ice cream!  Plus, as something that may have had somewhat of an influence in the name of our spicy site, it just had to be included. :) 

Thanks for indulging me in this more personal glimpse at some of the things I'll be celebrating with family and friends this week.  Hopefully it goes without saying, but JUST IN CASE: I'm VERY thankful you, friends, and am so glad you decide to stop by when you do!  Wishing you a blessed week full of reflecting & relaxing, and enjoy the scheduled posts I've got set up for you while I'm gone!  XOXO - Jessie

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