Peppery Picks // Storm Survival

1. Part of my "jewelry sitch" via my instagram feed // 2. Stormy nail inspiration via my BFF
3. Favorite sleepwear and today's #OOTD // 4. An easy DIY project to Spice up your Space

Despite the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, we're doing our best to stay safe and dry here in Hoboken.  Very thankful to be hunkered down at home for now, but are planning to head down to the volunteer center to help out with efforts as soon as we're able.  At the moment, our "storm survival plan" includes entertaining an antsy puppy (and husband), and keeping my own electricity-less boredom at bay.  The following are a few ideas for those of you who are holed-up inside, as well:

  • Organize your closet & accessories // My jewerly, sunglasses and scarves have become a totally tangled mess recently, and it's time for an overhaul to weed out the items I no longer wear and bring order to the ones that will be sticking around.  Remember this driftwood jewelry display that I made last winter?  My goal is to get it back to looking like the final post image, and I can already tell you it's going to take more than just a few minutes of moving things around. (Oy. Anyone volunteering to help?  I'll pay you in pretty baubles!)    
  • Try out some new nail art // My favorite polish line, Julep, just sent a big box of goodies to our doorstep for the fabulous Pepperologie gift bags and luxe grand prize, so I'm stocked with supplies!  Planning on testing out a few new colors with a glitter-rain inspired look like this one, but this spiderweb mani would be perfect for this week, too!
  • Stay in your PJs all day //  Extreme storms make it totally acceptable, yes?  I'm living in my softest of soft (and still subtly sexy) Gisele Sleepshirt from Eberjey.  Also wondering why no one ever told me that sleeping in a real nightie could make getting ready for bed feel so luxurious.
  • Dust off your DIY supplies // Seems a little tricky to find the time for crafting these days, but without internet and needing to conserve the batteries of our handheld devices, I'm secretly kind of looking forward to completing a few projects.  If you need some inspiration, check out these past S&P DIY posts (painted platforms, studded sweater, neon fair isle & headboard banner) and send me photos if you try them so I can post on the FB page!

If you're reading this post, it's because we've lost our power and so there most likely won't be much action here on the blog for the next few days... Praying that everyone affected by the storm stays safe and dry, and will hopefully have S&P back up and running very soon!

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