Guy Style // Bright Bow-tie


Hi, Friends!  My sweet Mr Pepper is back with the latest installment of Guy Style, and this time he's talking about his beloved bow-ties.  I certainly love when a guy gets a little dressed up, and I'd love to hear in the comments section if you feel the same way - Are bow-ties a thing of the past or an added detail that makes you weak in the knees?Check out his piece below, and if you love it, be sure to pass this extra little bit of style spice along to the stylish men in your life!

I have a very strong affinity for men's neckwear.  When I feel like my wardrobe needs a pick-me-up, I twist up a four-in-hand knot in the appropriate seasonal fabric and hit the road.  Unfortunately, the traditional necktie has nearly disappeared from workplace attire, and that has led me to (secretly) officially instate something I like to call #TieFridayat my office. While participation is a bit sporadic at best, it’s still been a success because ties are being worn and embraced.
As much as I stand behind that crisp slice of fabric that hangs just above the belt, there are still a few occasions where the regular tie is cliché and the situation calls for something more; something unique; something tied up just like a bow.
I have two rules when it comes to bow-ties: 1) Tie it yourself (you’re an adult, time to act like one), and 2) Wear it like a tie. This means, if you choose a white shirt like I did on this particular evening, a jacket is a must.  Keep these two simple tips front of mind, and I think you'll be impressing the ladies in your life in no time.
Top to Bottom:
Jacket - Paul Smith (similar on sale here)
Shirt - J Crew
Bow-tie - Urban Outfitters (more here and here)
Jeans - Unbranded (similar)
Shoes - Vintage, thrifted (similar splurge or steal)