S&P-TV // Braided Top-knot How-to from VO5

Alicia, Caroline & I... All ready for a night of "hairspotting"!

I love a great hair moment, and that's one of the reasons that I was so excited to partner with VO5 for Fashion's Night Out a few weeks ago with two of my favorite fellow bloggers and friends.  We kicked off the evening by creating our own custom hairstyles with celebrity stylist and VO5 spokesperson, Chris Lospalutto, and each got to work with him to film a little how-to video to show you how to achieve each look on your own.

I had on a mod-ish vintage mini dress with puff sleeves (natch), so Chris and I decided on a chic little braided updo that would sit right on the top of my head.  Check out the video below, and be sure to take a peek at Caroline & Alicia's videos, as well!

Music: "The Great" by Broke for Free

The next part of the night included hitting up a handful of the shopping parties and street events that were going on, and doing a little thing we liked to call "hairspotting" while we were at it!  (This part was my favorite.)  We kept our eyes peeled for anyone rocking a cute-'do that we loved, and then asked if we could snap a pic of them for our project.  I got such a kick from including other people in our antics, and I actually decided to continue looking for #fabhair throughout the rest of the  week!

Here is a little collection of my favorite "hairspotting" snaps, and I'd love to hear which style you love the most!  Any tricks or trends you've been wanting to try that you'd like see another how-to video for?

I've loved joining forces with @MyVO5 in this way, so feel free to follow along on their social channels to keep up with more great videos, tricks & tips!