Pepper Picks | Business Chic

Get the Look:  Floral trousers, White blouse, Sequin shell
Black pumps, Tortoise Glasses, Deborah Lippman polish
YSL ring, Nars lip crayon, Gold Nixon watch, Cobalt tote

Looking at my schedule for the upcoming weeks, I'm realizing that with a handful of business events, meetings & projects on the calendar, I'm needing to scheme up some fall outfits that will keep me appearing professional, yet looking very much my quirky, style-focused self.  ...This comes from someone who is currently writing this while sitting at my desk in my running clothes and tennies. :)I feel fortunate to work in an industry that allows for lots of creative liberties when it comes to dressing, but rather than throw caution to the wind ALL the time, I think that striving for a polished look is an important and effective tool for entrepreneurial success.  (How's that for a lighthearted Thursday morning sentiment??)Today's Peppery Picks are a collection of pieces that are business-worthy when worn in an intentional way, and on their own would be perfect for creating a more experimental "off-duty" look.  I started with the abstract floral Erdem trousers and the sequined Alice + Olivia shell (both from one of my favorite shopping resources, eBay!), and continued on by adding classic basics to up the chic-factor and balance out the boldness.I'd love to know what you wear to work each day, and how the day-to-day environment has an effect on your sartorial choices... My style has changed so much every time I've switched careers, and I think it's so interesting to hear about the getting-dressed thought-process of others as it relates to their job!

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