In Pictures // Eating our way through SF


My stomach is grumbling just looking at these foodie photos from our trip!  Our friends have teasingly asked if we went all the way to California just to eat our way through San Francisco, and the answer is pretty much a big fat YES! 

Check out some of the hunger-driven highlights from our trip, and be sure to bookmark this page so that you can try these spots for yourself next time you're in SF!

  • Grilled salmon fish tacos and boiled artichokes at Ferry Plaza Seafood
  • Sauteed chickpeas, roasted shishito peppers, olives and delicious cocktails at The Alembic
  • A yummy Vietnamese-fusion dinner, dessert and vino at Out the Door
  • Incredible sushi spread and Japanese beer at the J Pop festival in Japantown
  • Soy tart frozen yogurt with fig compote, walnuts and chocolate shavings at Fraiche
  • Broccoli rabe, kale and roasted garlic white pizza at Pizzeria Delfina
  • Mezcal sippers (with ground caterpillar!), tequila & a Mexican food feast at Nopalito
  • Brown sugar banana pancakes and a perfect patio brunch at Zazie
  • Sauteed chard and chickpea borek and a Jun elixir at Source

Later this week, I'll be sharing a little more about the time I spent doing even MORE eating and enjoying myself with the Lean Cuisine team, so pop back by for the final recap of my little West-Coast Adventure!