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Hi, All - Mr. Pepper here!  I've got the latest installment of Guy Style to share with you this morning, and as you may have guessed by the blindingly bright shade in the photo above (or the title, for you smarties), today we're talking about accent outerwear for men.

Somehow, the majority of the guys out there are convinced that all of their coats or jackets have to be a neutral color, which means that when the temps start to drop, we see a whole lot of black, navy, or army-fatigue-green.  Nowhere in the "Stylebook for Men" does it say that all of your coats or jackets has to be boring, and yet I find that outerwear is the most bland area of any man’s wardrobe.
I conducted a non-scientific study recently (read: paid attention on my commute to work), and based on what I observed, have determined that 95% of men own 3 coats and 2.5 of them are black.
Okay - I admit:  I completely fabricated that statistic, but I think you get the point.  Outerwear is usually a such a one-dimensional category in a guy's closet, and that’s why I’m bringing up the importance and ease of having a little fun with it by injecting some color into the mix.
When I first saw this Baracuta Jacket in tomato red, I was completely intimidated by its garish hue.  First of all, it’s bright.  Really bright.  And second of all, my very own style icon wore a similar red jacket in Rebel Without a Cause, and let's face it: not everyone can be quite as all-American bad-ass as James Dean. As much as I loved the look of the piece, I was a bit nervous when it finally became a part of my closet, but I quickly figured out that the key to pulling off statement outwear is to let it speak for itself.
On this particularly chilly day of walking around by the water in San Francisco, I purposefully paired it with more muted colors that I knew wouldn’t distract from the jacket but could stand on their own if it got to be too warm.  I styled it almost the same way I would have done for a red (or other bold color of) shirt, and that’s something that is a much simpler and more manageable way of looking at it for most.
So, guys... I'm challenging you to take a chance by branching out from your drab old black or gray fleece zip-ups for the upcoming fall.  Try to find something that won’t make your significant other ask, “Don’t you have something just like that already?" and you'll be channeling your own inner James Dean in no time at all.
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Aviators -  Red Star (similar)
T-shirt - J. Crew (similar)
Hoodie - Land's End Canvas (similar)
Baracuta jacket - J. Crew (khaki version here, red option here)
Jeans - Unbranded, Method in KC
Striped socks - J. Crew
Suede McAlister boots in "Stone" - J. Crew