Digital Sprinkles // Earth-y Accessories


An un-intentional color scheme and the earth-inspired origins are the two main themes holding this edition of Sunday Sprinkles together.  Check out the gorgeous teal and tan goodies that I'm loving this week, and let me know what accessories you're pining over for fall!

1. //  I know dainty and delicate rings are all the rage, but I'll never get sick of a snake-y showstopper that weighs down your finger or this one that just oozes the glittery drama of an agate.

2. //  Completely drawn to anything spotted lately, these sexy little ankle booties are making my heart race.  Love the clever cut-outs that will make something as simple as the side of your foot just a smidge sassier than usual.

3. //  Feathers and even fun prints inspired by them are having a major moment, and for under $15, this scarf would be a great way to dip your toe in the trend without making a massive investment.

4. //  Don't even tell me you haven't started thinking about dressing for cooler weather yet... I caught a chill last week after getting caught in the city without a sweater, and I'm thinking about snatching up this faux fur fluff to keep nearby for when I need something warm to snuggle up with.

5. //  Embossed leather gives added interest to an otherwise classic material, and adding a bold color to the mix ups the ante even more.  Love the mixture of crocodile texture and a perfectly peacock-inspired hue in this gorgeous oversized clutch.

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