In the Kitchen // Gadget Wishlist


Today's In the Kitchen post is quite appropriate for what I'll be up to for the next couple of days, and I'm happy to finally share with you why I was able to make my way out here to Northern California!  Mr. Pepper headed back to NYC yesterday, and I'm getting ready to enjoy a change of scenery from the last several days that we spent in the lovely City of San Francisco.  I'm actually blogging from Morgan Hill, California this morning, and am so excited to be here participating in a special Lean Cuisine Culinary Roundtable session collaborating (and eating!) with a handful of their most fabulous chefs!

Today, we're here visiting the George Chiala Farms and then later will be heading on up to Napa to sample a few of the amazing restaurants there, and will also get a chance to do some brainstorming & cooking at the Culinary Institute of America... Honestly cannot wait!

Of course, I'll be sure to document my adventures while I'm here, so expect photos (and hopefully some video) soon.  In the meantime, follow S&P on twitter and instagram for up to the moment sneak peeks of our foodie fun, and check out my wishlist above to see the items that I'd love to snatch up when I return back to my kitchen feeling inspired to create my own version of Culinary Chic!

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