Recipe // Rustic Summer Tuna Salad


Delicious veggie & protein-filled dish for one, coming right up!

I eat some version of this tasty meal almost every day that I'm home for lunch, and because you can sub in virtually any type of raw veggies, It's always a little different and I never get sick of it.  To make, simply toss all of the ingredients below in a bowl, and you've got yourself some serious yum.  No cooking/heating necessary and since everything comes straight from the fridge, it's sure to chill you out in no time.

The Goods:
+ One 5 oz. can of all-white albacore in water, drained (I like Bumble Bee because it's dolphin safe!)
+ 1/2 cucumber, chopped, peel left on
+ Handful of jalapeno and garlic stuffed green olives (you can use any variety you like!)
+ One stalk (plus leaves) of chopped celery
+ One handful of garbanzo beans/cooked chickpeas
+ Quick drizzle of balsamic vinegar (in love with the fig-infused flavor we buy from our farmer's market)
+ A few generous pinches of freshly grated parmesan cheese
+ A few shakes each of salt, pepper, garlic powder and of course my beloved crushed red peppers (last one obviously optional)

Added bonus: It travels well so it makes a great take-to-work option, and on the days that I need to serve up two portions, I just split it up and pile each half-serving on a bed of raw spinach or steamed kale. 

I used to love coming up with yummy things to bring with me when I worked at an office, but sometimes feel challenged to actually sit down and enjoy a meal when I'm home.  I'm always so much more satisfied when I do though, and my little Rustic Summer Salad creation has given me reason to look forward to a nice nutritious meal instead of just grazing on snacks throughout the afternoon...
I'd love to know - What do you guys normally eat for lunch?  Are you cool with last night's leftovers, or are you a make-from-scratch kinda gal?