In Pictures | Anniversary Adventure


Need a little hump-day entertainment to get you through the week?  Perhaps you'd like to see me try my hand at the flying trapeze?!Keep reading to check out a recap of last weekend's anniversary adventures, and a VIDEO of me flying (kind of) through the air above NYC!Instead of taking a trip to celebrate our 5th year of being married, we decided to truly embrace our first summer in NYC by taking full advantage of all of the local fun that our city has to offer, and bringing the "getaway" right to us!  Here's our weekend in pictures, along with a fun little marriage lesson-learned to go along with each one!

All photos via @styleandpepper on Instagram - Follow along!


Kicked things off Friday afternoon by grabbing a coffee with one of my best, and then our dudes joined us for a double-date pizza-dinner at a new neighborhood fave, Dozzino.  We polished off a lot of wine and a lot of pizza.  Thank goodness I had a chance to sneak in a run that morning!
Lesson Learned:  Celebrating your own relationship alongside good friends is key to keeping things fresh, and helps continue to strengthen your own friendship within your marriage.


Our favorite Saturday morning special-occasion breakfast:  My chocolate-chip-flax-protein pancakes with homemade strawberry syrup.  Can you spot the heart?!
Lesson Learned: Serving my husband by filling his belly with healthy, delicious food is one of my favorite ways to show him that I love him.


After breakfast, we ventured into the city for a little flea market fun, and loved discovering so many great new-to-us vendors at the Hester Street Fair!  If you go, see the bullets below for our can't-miss booths:
  • Cafe Grumpy and their iced coffee (wanted to try their coffee spritzer, but deferred to G's choice because he was patient enough to wander around with me!)
  • Artisanal dark chocolate from Brooklyn Dark - My fave was Orange Silk and G liked the Hemp, so we left with a Moroccan Spice (see lesson learned below).
  • A handful of well-curated vintage vendors including: Dolls & Robots, Summer Mizera & Brooklyn Bleu.  I was so busy noshing on my yummy coffee/snacks that I didn't buy anything, but the prices were awesome and I can't wait to go back!
  • Real Ginger Ale (in four flavors!) from Fresh Ginger by Bruce Cost... this stuff was TO DIE FOR. We couldn't stop talking about all of the different cocktail combinations, and definitely hope to work our way through a six pack of each flavor. Next up - Pomegranate!
  • My favorite tasty treat was the all-natural, oil-free granola by Sante Bakery... It's so hard to find granola that doesn't bother my stomach, and this stuff was SO GOOD.  The "antioxidant" flavor was delish, the owner was SO sweet AND you can purchase their products from their online shop!

Lesson Learned: Compromise is key in both coffee and chocolate, and not just in loading the dishwasher. ;)

Next stop was lunch at one of my go-to spots and strolling through one of our favorite NYC neighborhoods.  We discovered a handful of new-to-us home decor stores in Nolita, and I can't stop dreaming about the yummy-smelling candles at Haus Interior (modern & cozy) or the furniture at Area ID (mid-century chic)!  If you live in town, you MUST stop by both for a serious dose of interior style, and be sure to tell them we said hello. :)Lesson Learned: When your partner lets you order a yummy summer cocktail at lunchtime so that you can "split it", she's really internally grateful when you let her drink the whole thing.  Also: liquid courage (see next).

Our most thrilling part of the day was taking a flying trapeze class at the Trapeze School of New York, and boy, it did NOT disappoint.  The photo above is G doing a BACKFLIP off of the bar, before safely landing in the net below.  I loved that the instructors gave us both nicknames (mine was "Glitter"... duh, and his was "Tall Flyer" ...go figure), and was so proud that we tried learning something new (and awesome!) together. The backflipping was probably the most impressive trick, but by far the most fun were the "catches" we got to do with one of the pros... we took a quick video so you can actually see me do one right here!

WHEEEEE!!!!!!!! I had a huge smile on my face the whole time!

Lesson Learned: Cheering each other on as we try new things is a great way to provide encouragement while getting a healthy adrenaline rush.  I mean, honestly - how often do you get to say, "Awesome backflip off the trapeze bar, Honey! You look great out there!"

This was my Mezcal cocktail called the Mayatl that we're going to try and recreate at home!
When I asked G on Monday what his absolute favorite memory of the weekend was, he said getting dressed up together and going to our Saturday night dinner, and I'd have to 100% agree.  We had the most amazing meal (plus TWO yummy desserts) at my favorite restaurant in the entire city, Hudson Clearwater, and I cherished every moment of our heartfelt conversations in a candlelit corner.  It was so nice to reflect on the past few years and speak candidly about what the next five might hold, and G even (semi-)surprised me by reading the latest installment to a collection of love letters he's been writing over the last 7 years that we've been together.
Lesson Learned:  We've noticed (fairly recently) that regularly taking a few quiet moments to reflect, scheme & dream together is more precious than we realized, and has us feeling closer than we've ever been before.


We went for a nice long run along the Hudson on Sunday morning (endlessly motivated by this view), and then headed out for our first time exploring Brooklyn together.  After getting a little lost in the stifling humidity - my fault - we stumbled across a beautiful little community garden that was tucked away off a side street in Park Slope.  We ducked in to take a peek, and realized we had come across the perfect spot to snap some picturesque outfit photos, which you'll see on Friday!Lesson Learned: Being quick to see the good amidst an unfortunate situation is always a good idea, but if you can get yourself to rally when your partner is bummed out, it will most likely turn their mood around too!

Mango & plain tart swirled with fresh mango, choc chips, lemon cookie crunch, gummy bears & pomegranate drizzle!

We wrapped up the weekend with a little Sunday afternoon treat at an event for Pinkberry & Sorrelli that featured two of my favorite things: beautiful jewelery and tasty fro-yo.  My custom creation above was inspired by the vintage dress I had on, and I have to say that it tasted every bit as delicious as it looks!  Full disclosure: we started out by each having our own cup, and then split a THIRD!  Oops! ;)Lesson Learned:  Getting excited about the other person's interests is one of the kindest things you can do for each other, and I'm so blessed to have a patient husband who has been the backbone & photographer of this site since it's start, and has even been game enough to do a little outfit posting of his own recently!Thanks for stopping by to see our fun weekend in pictures, and for all of the well-wishes last weekend... we felt very supported and loved by YOU, our family and friends, and are grateful that we have the opportunity to share about our lives, experiences & styles with you here on the blog!

XOXO - Jessie & G