Guy Style // DIY Cut-off Shorts


Well, hey there!  I know you're used to seeing my silly face in this little spot, but today we're trying something a little different. New column, new face - cool?.  This handsome dude is "Sweet G" himself, and as you've probably guessed, is my darling husband and the other [better] half of S&P!  He just so happens to have a very keen sense of his own personal style, and I thought it was high-time that he stepped out from behind the lens for a change. Click through to find his tips on turning an old classic into a new favorite (A dude that DIYs?! I know, I'm a lucky gal!), and let him know what you think in the comments!

Sweet G Styles: Cut-off Shorts

It's true. These green shorts used to be an excellent pair of lightweight pants that were once a staple of my wardrobe during the warm months of summer, but as the years went along, the style of the pants didn't really match my "look" any longer. They were a much baggier cut than I like, and as much as I'm surprised to hear myself say it, I'm definitely a skinny, tailored-pant type of guy now.  I was about to add them to our giveaway pile, but it seemed like a bummer because I love the color and they still fit perfectly around my waist...  That's when I came up with the idea of turning them into shorts.As you can imagine, the process is rather easy.  How hard can it be to cut some fabric?  Well, before you reach for every pair of pants you don't wear with a measuring tape and scissors in hand, make sure to evaluate if the cut and style will work for shorts.  It's best to stay away from heavy fabrics, super-skinny styles & pleats.  (In fact, please just throw all your pleated items into a bag and drop it off at the closest goodwill). Because of their lightweight fabric, I knew these pants would drape close to the leg so I could maintain the tailored look that I like.I had Jessie mark off the trim-line just above the knees while I had them on, and then I cut them straight across. As a tall guy, finding shorts off the rack that have a proportional length to my body is a tough go, so I really enjoyed being able to decide exactly how short I wanted them to be. Finally, instead of bothering to [have Jessie] execute a perfect hem across the bottom, I opted for an imperfect roll that gives off a laid-back vibe while still being on trend, and is sharper than letting the frayed edges show.That's it folks - it's as simple as that!  I've got a new pair of shorts that I love, and turned a tired piece into a new favorite that will hopefully get me through another couple of summers.  Feel free to pass this post along to the men in your life (or help them make some shorts for themselves), and thanks so much for letting me share my Guy Style here on S&P!Isn't he just the cutest?!  We're hoping to make this a semi-regular feature, so if there are any men's fashion questions that you'd like to ask the new resident Guy Style expert of our site, then feel free to pass them along!  Top to Bottom:Sunglasses - Ray Ban WayfarersWatch - Ollech & Wajs (similar)Watchband - J. Crew (similar)Shirt - J. Crew (similar: investment piece or $13 great deal!)Shorts - J. Crew (lots of great already-cut-off options here)Shoes - Jack Purcell by Converse