[Digital] Sprinkles // Summer Eats

Yummy looking popsicle via @StudyNY on instagram

Having a few technical difficulties over here at Casa de Pepper, so yesterday's Sunday Sprinkles turned into Monday Sprinkles (just as good as leftovers - promise!), and today's outfit post will have to wait for tomorrow!  Good news is that we're talking tasty summer eats, and I don't know about you, but that's one of my favorite things to do. :)

  • If you buy one cookbook this year, please let it be this one: Such simple, quick recipes all under 500 calories and organized by time of year for easy seasonal eating.
  • I eat it every single day in some form or another, and that's why this Ode to Oatmeal was right up my alley.
  • Reason #927 to love watermelon. That's all.
  • When I saw the recipe for these gluten-free chicken tenders, I knew I wanted to try it out by subbing in sliced eggplant instead of the meat - we'd had the veggie version last night for dinner, and it was deLISH!
  • Can't stop thinking about how amazing it would be to have this counter top frozen-yogurt machine as the latest addition to our kitchen.  So many flavor possibilities and never having to leave the house for my next fix! (Ok, the thought of that is a little scary, but still!)
Have you spotted any great kitchen products or created any recipes recently that I should know about?  You always blow me away with your own tips, tricks & resources, so feel free to share them here if you'd like!
P.S.  I whipped up a new header for the blog this weekend, so be sure to click through and take a peek if you're reading through an RSS feed! :) XOXO