Splure or Steal // Tortoise Sunnies


I've been spotting these gorgeous Miu Miu sunglasses all over the blog-o-sphere lately, and I have to admit: when a trend becomes supersaturated, it makes it WAY easier for me to resist splurging on the style for myself.  That's why when I saw a nearly-identical pair on ASOS last week, I realized that spending a tiny fraction of the cost would make me much less concerned about tiring of the trend too quickly.*** Update: It looks like the Asos pair have already sold out!!! I've tried to find a few other shop-able options for you (though none came in quite as inexpensive) but here are the links: American Apparel - $45, Sabre - $90, and Elizabeth & James - $185. ***I'd love to know: when it comes to sunglasses, do you typically opt for the splurge or the steal?