[Digital] Sprinkles // Start of Summer!


Memorial Day Weekend signifies the start of Summer for most, and I made it a priority to take advantage of a few full REAL days off (something I rarely do!) to kick things off right.  Today's sprinkles are some of the things G and I are hoping to try today, but it feels great knowing that if we don't get to them all: we've got all season!

  • These iced cappuccino pops would make a great afternoon treat, and if I can manage to perfect my own non-dairy version, I have a feeling there will be a batch in our freezer all summer!
  • I picked up a brand new nail polish color recently (called Bikini so Teeny!), and although it's a bit outside my comfort zone - I'm excited to try it on both my fingers and toes!
  • You've probably already noticed my affinity for quirky sunglasses, but I'm thinking about getting even crazier and springing for this pair or this pair to brighten up my current collection! (Not even kidding!)
  • Even though we don't have private outdoor space like we used to in KC, we've been trying to eat as many meals outside as possible.  Luckily the park by our house is right on the water and has the most perfect skyline view of NYC... it makes for the perfect spot to share a dinner from our picnic basket with friends.
  • Perfecting the perfect glass of iced tea is also on my list, and I'm going to try and snatch up this handy iced-tea infuser to sample my new summer favorites from the best tea shop in NYC.

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