Digital Sprinkles // Happy Mom's Day!


I'm so fortunate to be a part of a family full of love, but am especially thankful today for the handful of women that have had an incredibly profound impact on my life.  Today's Sunday Sprinkles are all about the mama's who've made us who we are today. :)

  • I can't let a Mother's Day go by without sharing this fun post from last year featuring some of the incredibly stylish women in my brood.  Do you think I look like my mom or my aunt or either one of my Grandmothers?
  • I got my mom a new set of earbuds for her iPod this year (what can I say, she likes to pump up the jams while she's working out!), but this morse code "Mom" necklace might already be in line for her next gift.
  • This lovely lady is one of the only women on the planet, beside's my own Mom, who makes me semi-interested in trying my hand at parenthood someday.  She also happens to be my favorite writer, and if you're not already stalking her sight, you can check it out now and thank me later. ;)
  • We're currently kid-less (unless you count the cutest furbaby of them all), but I still find myself inspired by all of the well-designed finds that dear Erin is sharing over at her newly-launched sister site.
  • Lastly, and the very reason today is so special, is because the one I'm celebrating is the best I know.  I'm constantly inspired by her strength, selflessness and endless style, and I wish I could wake her up with a big hug and breakfast in bed this morning.

Amidst all of the motherly mentions this week, one of my favorite things that I read was a tweet by Joanna Goddard that quoted Jenny Komenda saying "I love thinking of Mother's Day as a celebration of all women who nurture."  Such a wonderful perspective and one that should remind us to be careful to care and quick to love.  I hope your day is blessed no matter what your maternal status, and I'll see you back here tomorrow with an extra special personal post and some new outfit photos, as well!Pin It!