On-Air | Harper's Bazaar Spring Tour


Alright, kittens - Something big and exciting happening here at S&P HQ over the next several weeks...I'm thrilled to announce my new partnership with BAZAAR as the spokesperson for their ultra-chic television tour, BAZAAR on Air!  Over the next six weeks, I'll be traveling to 12 cities across the country and will be hosting on-air style segments at a local news station in each city.  I have plenty of fabulous, of-the-moment fashion and beauty products to share on behalf of BAZAAR, so please tune in if I'll be visiting your hometown.I hope you'll bear with me and my jam-packed travel schedule, and I'll be sure to blog about all my adventures as I go.  I leave for the first leg of my trip on Monday (Eek! Packing to do!), and can't wait to kick-off the tour in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ.  See below for my full schedule, and I'd love to have you follow along on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, because I'll be sharing plenty of details there, as well.

May 1 - Phoenix, Arizona (CW, Good Morning Arizona, 9am hour)
May 2 - Las Vegas, Nevada (FOX, Fox 5 News This Morning, 9am hour)
May 3 - Denver, Colorado (FOX, Good Day Colorado, 8am hour)
May 10 - San Antonio, Texas (FOX, Fox 29 News, 9am hour)
May 11 - Dallas, Texas (ABC, Good Morning Texas, 9am hour)
May 16 - Boston, Massachusetts (FOX, Fox 25 Morning News, 9am hour)
May 24 - Detroit, Michigan (FOX, Fox Morning News, 8am hour)
May 25 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (NBC, KARE 11 Today, 11am/Midday Show)
May 26 - Chicago, Illinois (NBC, NBC 5 Chicago Morning News, 9am hour)
May 30 - Miami, Florida (NBC, South Florida Today, 11am/Midday Show)
June 6 - Los Angeles, California (ABC, Eyewitness News This Morning, TBD)
June 7 -  San Diego, California (FOX, Fox 5 Morning News, 8am hour)

Feeling so grateful for and inspired by this new opportunity, and I'm not sure if I've told you this recently, but I really appreciate that you swing by when you do - this community means SO much to me, and I'm blessed by each and every one of you.  :)Have a great Friday, and I'll see ya soon!  XOXO - JessiePin It!