Styling Services Now Available Online!


Introducing: An easy and affordable way 
to add flavor to your style in a flash!

Due to a growing demand for long-distance help, I am now happy to add Dashes of Style to my current menu of personal styling options.  I will now be offering these quick and simple video-chat-style sessions that are guaranteed to make it easier for you to get dressed everyday.  In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to show me the items that you're struggling with, give me an overview of your day-to-day dressing needs, and then receive an outline of 3 entire outfit suggestions to go with each piece! 

So many of my personal styling clients have phenomenal taste and great wardrobe options to choose from, but still need help finding a use for their "challenge pieces" that have been dubbed unwearable and pushed to the back of their closets - That's where these little Dashes come in!

Let me know if you have any other questions that aren't answered below, and if you know of anyone else who'd be interested in having my help, please feel free to share this new service with your friends.

   * 40 mins for 3 challenge pieces - $65
(Nine outfits total!)
   * 1 hour for 5 challenge pieces - $85 (Fifteen outfits total!)

What is a challenge piece?
A challenge piece is something that hangs in your closet unworn, and seems to stump you every time you to try to take it for a whirl.  Examples of challenge pieces include: trend-driven impulse purchases, deeply-discounted sale items, sentimental pieces, or anything that makes you scratch that pretty little head of yours.

What if I don't have any of the items that you recommend I wear my Challenge Pieces with?
I'm more than happy to help you track down the pieces necessary to complete the looks we create, but I love trying my best to make sure you can utilize the info right away.  You can expect that I'll ask lots of questions as we go to find out what your wardrobe currently includes, and I'll be sure to use what I can of your existing selection in the outfit outlines.

Can I purchase a Dash of Style for a friend?  How about package deals?
Of course!  We are happy to offer gift certificates and bundled discounted rates... If you'd like to purchase several dashes at a time and share them with a friend (or even a small group!), send us an email with your needs and we'll get in back to you as soon as possible with pricing details.