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I had one of the worst night's sleep that I can remember last night, and even though we did our best to get into bed early, I woke up multiple times in the middle of the night and could not seem to fall back asleep due to a looming to-do list, a busy day ahead, and a grumbling tummy (the WORST!).

Last week I mentioned on the blog that life was feeling pretty overwhelming at the moment, and not much has changed since then, but I DID receive lots of encouragement and helpful tips from you are experiencing some of the same, so I thought I'd share them here so that we can all do what we can to help make life a little easier on each other.  Sound ok?
  • "I love to unwind by taking a long walk through the nearest park, which for me is the lovely Madison Square Park. Or a run along the East River after work, especially now that it's staying late longer!" - Natalie
  • "Just try to breathe, get out for long runs along the river... and my favorite... take baths! 20 minutes in the tub = you'll be a new woman!" - Grace
  • "When I'm feeling super stressed, I like to grab an ice cream cone and take a nice stroll through the park or a quiet area with beautiful scenery." - Vonae
  • "When I'm feeling overbooked, I get super organized and plan the whole week ahead down to the hour. If I know when I'm getting something done then I don't need to stress about it the whole time. I make sure I always carry around a phone charger so I can do work & check email in between meetings and keep the inbox from overflowing. I also try to schedule meetings back to back on the same day so I can take chunks of uninterrupted time to do work on other days. And the one that saves me the most time? Planning outfits a few days before!" - Pamela
  • "Take a moment with YOU each day...just YOU and some little way to celebrate the day...step out onto the balcony...take in the view...deep breath...even a bubble bath...find your way to unwind (even if only for 5 minutes) and do it....Basically my motto is: treat each day as a new adventure!!!" - Trish
  • "Break down larger tasks into smaller, easy to check off items - it helps to have it all down in front of you.  Also, keep to do lists short. Instead of making one massive one, break down everything by the day so you don't get overwhelmed." - Cait
Some pretty great advice, right???  Loved seeing suggestions that were a mix of indulging in some simple pleasures (exercise/bubble baths/sweet treats) combined with more tangible tips and advice, and I will definitely be doing my best to put some of these to practice over the next several days.

Of course you're welcome to share more helpful ideas below, and stay tuned for an outfit post tomorrow! XOXO - Jessie

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