DIY | Headboard Banner

Sara Kerens, Design Sponge, Jessie Artigue

I instagram'ed a little sneak peek of our recent home project the other day, and was so encouraged to see how many were excited for the next edition of this fun little segment on S&P!G and I have been doing our best to cozy up our little home here in Hoboken, and one of the places that we've been focusing on this month is our bedroom.  It's not completely finished yet, but my favorite and latest addition is the banner that we added to our cowhide-rug-turned-headboard!We had a great discussion over Valentine's Day dinner about coming up with some sort of slogan or theme-phrase for our marriage/family/life, and as you could probably guess, we settled on "A Place to Love".  There are several reasons why this happens to feel like a great fit, and I thought I'd ask my sweetie pie to help me provide a little explanation...

"The phrase A Place To Love reflects our deepest desires for this life together. Not only is our bedroom a special place to love each other, but our home is also a place where that love extends out to our community and friends, inviting them in so they can participate in the gift of love we have found in one another.  Additionally, we want to extend that sentiment to any city that we call home - to our neighbors, our church and even complete strangers on the street." 

Couldn't have said it better myself! :)  Love this guy.  

Even just over the past two weeks, it has been a wonderful reminder of what our lives stand for, and what we want to encourage each other/ourselves to continue to do, and I'm so glad that the banner hangs above the place where we rest our heads each night.  I know I'm so blessed to have a partner in crime on this, but I think that this mantra could apply to anyone, regardless of relationship status, location, religious beliefs, etc.  

Let's all focus on making each tiny little square-inch 
of our entire lives a place to love, shall we?

A place to love everyone. Now for the fun part: I've created a little downloadable version of the template I used for ours (be sure to get both pages), and you're welcome to print it out, grab some cardstock and use it to designate your own little "place to love"!