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You guys aren't going to believe me when I tell you that after more than TWO MONTHS of living in our new place, I just last weekend finished unpacking the rest of my jewelry collection.  Earrings, bracelets and rings have been easily accessible in bowls and other containers on my counter, but the necklaces were hiding in a big lacquered box, just waiting to be organized and hung with care.  One of the main reasons why it took so long to finish pulling everything out is that I really wasn't sure how to display them in just the right spot with a method that made sense.After a morning of treasure hunting down by our little beach the other day, I realized how cool all of the driftwood looked, and thought it might be fun to incorporate it into our home somewhere.  (See the first way we used it as art, here.)  Despite a sweet friend warning against radioactive gunk from the Hudson River (*ahem*), we finally found just the right piece to help me with my jewelry organization woes, and this was the DIY that followed...

1.  Gather your super-simple supplies...

2.  Begin by hammering one nail in the center, followed by the outer two nails (you could measure, but I just eyed it) to keep things even.3.  Continue adding as many nails as you'd like, spacing them out between the first three.  Be careful of brittle spots or knots that might not hold the weight of a heavy necklace, and try to anchor the nails into solid parts of the wood.

4.  Wrap the starting length of a copper wire several times around one end of the branch and tie off.5.  Extend the wire to the other side, wrap similarly, and snip the excess with your wire cutters.6.  Reinforce both knots with your hot glue gun (on the backside of the branch that will rest against the wall), and add a little extra to make sure that the wire will hold firm to the branch.

Now all you have to do is admire your handiwork, find the perfect spot for it on your wall, and hang all of pretty necklaces on your new creation!How do you guys display your jewelry at home?  Any other clever ideas on how to keep things clutter-free but still readily visible for easy-accessorizing?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!Pin It!