In the Kitchen // TK Pairings Boxes


I've mentioned it once before, but my love for Turntable Kitchen just continues to grow and grow!  If you like food (um, YES) and if you like music (hello, DUH), then you've got to check out this ridiculously inspiring site.

One of the fabulous goodies that this dynamic duo offers is their monthly Pairings Boxes, and this is honestly one of those ideas that I instantly filed under the GENIUS catergory of my inspiration files.  The TK site calls these little packages of goodness "A curated food and music discovery experience" and inside you'll find a limited-edition vinyl single, a TK curated downloadable mixtape, a few premium dried ingredients for three of their original, seasaonally-themed recipes, and they even throw in the occasional treat!

You can subscribe to have the boxes delivered to your own home, or have them sent as a gift (would be perfect for a wedding/housewarming/new baby present), and you can pretty much assume that if you have any big occasions coming up soon, you'll be getting one of these on your doorstep from G and I.

I wasn't even going to tell you about this last part, because I'm greedy it will lower my chances of winning, but: TK is currently running a kick-ass giveaway where you can win your own turntable and starter record kit - over a $500 value!  Click through to find out how to enter, and if you win, you must PROMISE to invite me over for a dance party... I'll make the yummy food using a recipe from their site! ;)

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