How to Style // Pink & Red Outfit Ideas


I absolutely LOVE love, and will be making my Sweet G a yummy dinner tonight (with TWO different kinds of dessert!) and then spending a cozy evening in complete with a color-burning log and a fun project that we're working on together.  I couldn't really ask for anything more!In honor of the days various celebrations (and Everybody Everwear's Pink & Red theme!), I rounded up some of my favorite PINK & RED looks for you, just in case you're still looking for some ideas on festive dressing for your evening plans...

 To see the complete outfits...
Clockwise from top right: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Whether you're an avid participant in today's festivities (candy hearts! glitter! handcrafted valentines!), or someone who prefers to abstain (It's just another day, please let me be), I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday, and at least get to treat yourself to something sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day, you little lovebugs!
XOXOX - Jessie

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