Concrete Catwalk // Mint Satchel

Photos taken by my long-lost soul sister, Tulip Louise.

After toting my enormous gold J. Crew handbag for the past two years, I finally bit the bullet and bought a great new addition to my everyday-bag rotation.  The gorgeous seafoam green satchel that you see pictured above is the newest member of the gang, and I'm excited to have added it to my repertoire as my very first real investment-handbag purchase.I've never really been one to get that excited about purses (minus my beloved clutch collection) and would MUCH rather blow a little extra cash on a few new pairs of shoes or a fabulous vintage dress than the latest "it" bag.  I like my carriers to be functional both in form and in style, and truly, the most important criteria for me has always been making sure that that my go-to handbag will be able to go with all crazy outfits.After being on the hunt for what felt like a ridiculous amount of time I spotted the Botkier Valentina satchel in a feature by two of my sweet blog friends (Thanks, Jeanne + Meg!) and just KNEW it was the one.  Up until that point, I honestly had not come across anything that could even hold a candle to my beloved gold bag, so I immediately began to try and track it down.Long story longer short, it was completely sold out in almost every color (including the two I was considering), and I was devastated knowing that I missed out...  Obviously, you can see from the photos above that I was finally able to track it down, (thanks to the amazing customer service angels at Botkier!) and I've carried it nearly non-stop ever since - I love her so much, I think she needs a name... whaddya think?Note: It seems to be in and out of stock over the past week or so, but try here & here if you'd like to snatch one up for yourself!  Also, a similarly colored but less expensive version here, and a smaller clutch-like option here!Top to Bottom:Sunnies - Anthropologie (similar)Chambray shirt - J. Crew (similar)Vest - Vintage (similar)Belt - Clothing swapSkirt - Vintage, thrifted (similar)Bangles - Vintage Flower cuff - Vintage (Similar)Handbag - See aboveBoots - Zara Pin It!