Trendwatch // Flipping for Flats


I've ALWAYS preferred heels to flats (the higher the better!), but moving to an area where I do a lot of walking has quickly altered my perspective on the once favored footwear.  That said, I hate to sacrifice style in the name of functionality, so I'm investigating the possibility of having both!

Each of the pairs in the following collection of flats have made my high-heeled-heart flutter, and I'll admit, I'm seriously considering one of these more "sensible" options as a potential next purchase.

All available (on-sale!) at The Outnet:

Have you seen any great pairs of flats lately that I just need to know about? ;)  I always love hearing about your latest finds and where you're shopping for your favorite goodies!

P.S.  If you're doubting whether I would actually consider rocking numeros tres o quatro, you must not know me very well, because I TOTALLY would.