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We've been in our new flat for almost a full two months, and between the holidays and various trips/events I feel like we're finally starting to get closer to being completely settled in to our little love-nest.I'm trying to take things bit by bit, which means decorating little corners at a time, and being very patient with myself and my assistant's, er, husband's work schedule. :)

 Before: Not horrible, but that's a lot of negative space, up top!

While other areas took first priority (um, my closet!?), I began collecting some of our favorite art pieces from our old space and leaning them on the mantel (above).  I love that they all had a very similar feel to them, but I knew I wanted to take it one step further.  Then when I saw this gorgeous image from Better Homes and Gardens, I was inspired to try our own version!

All items are vintage and were either thrifted or gifts from friends.

It might be hard to tell in the photos, but I love how the height of the new arrangement really accentuates our tall ceilings, and with everything going on in the rest of the room, it seems to feel much less cluttered.  I'm still experimenting with the other little goodies on the shelf, but I know that now with that space free, it will be an evolving and seasonal display - love that!We're still working hard on getting the rest of the family room the way that we want it (including an ongoing debate on whether we want to paint the walls something other than the warmish-beige that was there before we moved in).  As first time renters, it's been a little tough getting used to not being able to do whatever we want, but I think it's made us be more creative and patient in our efforts - both definitely good things!To all my readers who are renters, I'm so curious: is it worth it to paint the walls a color you love if you'll have to paint it back when you leave?  We don't know exactly how long we'll be living in this space, but we totally love it so I'm hoping it's not just for the year!  On the opposing side: we HATE painting. Haha, a true conundrum!