Life | Looking forward to the weekend...

 Image via Better Homes & Gardens
Hello, my little chickadees - It's finally the end of the week!  I'm headed into the city today for a few meetings and some errands, but we're supposed to have 50mph winds, so I'm hoping I don't blow into the Hudson River on the way there.
I'm really looking forward to a three-day weekend with G, and even though I've got lots of work to do, the days are just MUCH more fun when he has the time off. :)  Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to crossing off our list:
  • Finish packing for Alt Design Summit
  • Hang our gallery wall above our mantle
  • Find a piece of driftwood from the beach for a fun project
  • Ikea + Bed, Bath & Beyond run (hopefully the last one for quite a while!)
  • Checking out the Trader Joe's closest to our house
  • Emptying out my jam-packed Google Reader, and pinning lots of inspiration for some upcoming projects
  • Upholstering our box springs so we don't have to bother with a bed skirt
What are you guys up to this weekend?  Whatever you do, I hope you have a good one, and I'll see ya Monday!

XOXO - Jessie