Event // Altitude Design Summit

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Happy Monday, folks! Everyone have a good weekend? We had multiple NYC-visitors in town, and enjoyed spending time with them, as well as meeting a handful of new pals (and if there's one thing I love -- it's meeting new friends)!

I'm ready to hop back into the work week with gusto, because I've got so many great events and fun new blog developments in the works --  Can hardly wait to share!  At the moment, I'm wrapping up a video project that I'm hoping will go live later this week, and then it's time to pack and prep for a super-fun trip I'm taking to Utah next week.For the past few months, I've been looking forward to attending several different blogging events in 2012, and first up on the list (just a matter of days!) is Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City.  It is my first time attending the conference, and I'm excited to share that I'll be there not only as a eager-to-learn networking-fanatic, but as a speaker on one of the panels, as well!  I'll be talking about Fashion Blogging 101, and I'm so honored and excited to be able to share my perspective alongside some pretty well-known fashionistas.Overall, looking forward to catching up with some of my lovely online-friends that I don't get to see very often, and hugging many many ladies who I've only ever met on the world wide web.  There aren't enough exclamation points in my left pinky finger to tell you how jazzed I am!Will you be attending this year?  Any must-sees or -shops or -dos in SLC that I should know about?? Shoot me an email or tweet if you'll be there, and I'll see you at the Summit!