DIY | Bright Baubles

when i spotted this tangled mess of sparkly neon goodness,
i just knew it was a must-do DIY... i mean, rhinestones AND neon?
an obvious match made in heaven. :)
i took one of my glitzy pieces of costume jewelry,
drizzled on some neon green acrylic paint and spread it around a bit with a paint brush,
and wore it to dinner with family the very next night!
see the super-simple steps below:
sneak peek of an outfit post for next week!!!
i'm excited to possibly do the same thing to a few other necklaces,
but using different colors of paint and then wearing them them all at once...
what do you think?  do you have any necklaces that need a new neon touch?
by the way, i love the way the woman in the inspiration photo
is wearing hers to punch up a look featuring neutral mixed patterns!