Concrete Catwalk // Tropical


i've been hoarding this pretty vintage hawaiian print dress for a few months now after seeing stella mccartney show this gorgeous number, but i recently worried that it was too cold to appropriately wear a tropical print.  as i was packing away my wardrobe, it hung there just begging to be kept out of those drafty boxes, and daring me to wear it.and you may already know by now: i'm always up for a fashion challenge. :)... so on it went for our going away party last week.  i paired it with some of my favorite cold weather accessories, grabbed my new wallet-that-doubles-as-a-clutch out of my handbag, and i was ready to walk out the door.leave it to a girl from the southwest to pretend like it's summer all year long.

earrings - vintage, thrifted
dress (similar) - vintage, thrifted
silky cardigan (similar) - vintage, thrifted
peacoat (similar) - j. crew
cocktail ring - j. crew
thigh highs - c/o foot traffic
platforms (similar) - jessica simpson
clutch/wallet (similar) - kate spade