Beauty Bite // Bobbi Brown Giveaway


here's a pic of me sporting the pretty powerful shades, and a sneak peek at tomorrow's outfit!

i've got a fun giveaway for you today, my friends!

the folks at bobbi brown are in the midst of a campaign to encourage women
and remind us that we are beautiful the way we are,
but can be pretty powerful with the added confidence that comes from wearing a little makeup.
i don't know about you, but i feel a heck of a lot more confident
when i've got a quick swipe of mascara and my favorite shade of lipstick on!
(a super-tall pair of high heels never hurts, either.)
the kind folks at bobbi brown have offered to give a pretty powerful palette,
to one of YOU lucky readers, and to enter is simple:
how cute is that? the colors are gorgeous and they look amazing on every skin tone!
all you have to do is hop over to twitterand tell me who or what makes YOU feel pretty powerful
(be sure to include my handle @styleandpepper, and the hashtag #prettypowerful!)
and i will draw a winner at random at 8am on wednesday, oct 26th.
feel free to check out bobbi's blog to find out more about her take on this topic
and you can even nominate your own pretty powerful person,
or vote for some of the other great submissions that have been posted.
good luck and i can't wait to hear your answers!!