Inspired By | Darkly Pretty


i have been SO excited to share my latest creative collaboration shoot with you,
and i'm finally getting a chance to post the photos here on the blog!

i partnered up with amazingly talented photographer, grant heinlein,
and local model, olivia lyons, to create a dark, yet feminine, fashion-focused spread.
i had a very clear vision in my head of what i hoped the shoot would look like,
but rarely does a project ever come this close to what i hoped for from the beginning!

these two were such a pleasure to work with, and i look forward to more shoots together!

on another note: i'm having a fab time in NYC...
thanks to all who've emailed/commented/tweeted with recommendations and well-wishes! 
it's been so fun hanging out with some of my favorite bloggers,
...bonding in real life is surreal when you've known someone online for so long!

stay tuned for a NYFW-inspired weekend wishlist tomorrow,
and don't forget to follow along on twitter for a play-by-play on the adventure!