Life // Big News... A Big Move!

i don't often get very personal here on the blog
(the first year of posts barely had more than just a few words per piece!),
but i've got lots to say today. :)
gosh- where to start?
september has been a big big month at casa de concrete catwalk.
what i thought would be a nice productive endcap to a very busy
but super-fun summer has become a whirlwind month that is practically over...
i kicked it off with a week visitng NYC for lots of fashion fun
and now we're wrapping it up with a BIG announcement.
gerard and sadie and i are moving to new jersey!
perhaps you'd like an explanation? sweet g received a wonderful offer for a new position within the company he works for, doing pretty much exactly what he wants to do, with an incredible team, a stimulating environment & lots of room for growth.
(so proud of you, honey!)
we'll be living in the adorable city of hoboken, and he'll commute to another town for work so that we can be a part of a community that "feels like us", and so that i can be conveniently close to manhattan. whatta guy! i'm absolutely over-the-moon thinking about all of the potential opportunities that this will create for both style & pepper and the concrete catwalk!!!
it feels so strange to type all of this out here on the blog, and it still continues to hit me a little more each day, but we're very excited to begin a new adventure together!  change has always been good to us, and we're looking forward to exploring a new area and setting up our new home together. i have so many sweet friends that live in new york (including at least a dozen that i grew up with - i counted!) and i'm looking forward to connecting with everyone and, of course, meeting lots of new pals!
we will miss our adopted hometown of kansas city very VERY much, and our precious circle of friends that feel more like family will never be replaced. i cannot even find the words to express how richly blessed our life here has been!
i must also say a quick but heartfelt thanks to the clients, cheerleaders, advertisers & creative collaboration partners who have been a part of this site and have helped make it possible for me to have my dream job. :)  i so appreciate your involvement, encouragement & support and am looking forward to seeing how this move positively affects both the blog and the business.  on that note, if you or anyone you know is looking for a wardrobe stylist, on-air personality, or fashion blogger to help enhance their brand, please feel free to pass along my contact info!
lastly, i want to give a HUGE warm virtual-hug to all the readers of this blog. i'm truly so touched that you bother to swing by when you do, and i don't say it enough! i consider you all my friends (even YOU - i know we've never met, but i just know you're great!), and every comment, twitter follow, facebook like, and click mean the world to me.
have a great friday for me, ok? i've got a weekend wishlist all ready for you tomorrow, and several great new outfits posts & a DIY ready for next week!
BIG x's & o's - jessie