Guy Style // Gingham Guy

is it cool with you guys if i do a menswear post every once in a while?
i happen to have a clothes horse for a husband
(makes for a very interesting closet situation... good thing he's a cutie-pie!),
and he's always coming up with outfits that deserve to be documented just as much as mine.
oh, and in case you're wondering about the post title:
GINGHAM GUY is his super-hero alter ego.
he spends his days combating corporate office fashion don'ts
and avoiding his arch-nemisis, INK BLOT.
good thing he's got his trusty side-kick: TIDE STICKto keep him safe. (always carry one with you, folks.)
ok, we're lame, i know.but these are the things we come up with when left to our own devices.
g is in head-to-toe j. crew