Concrete Catwalk // Alexa

i've been meaning to show you this sweet little lacee swan tee for a long time
and it's perfect timing, because the way i styled it for these shots just might be my fave!
i'm a great big alexa chung fan (hello, style icon!)
and am happy to wear my affection for her on my sleeve, er, shirt. ;)also, you can see how i last wore these shorts here!
oh, and since i know some of you will ask... let's talk about zee hairs.
if you know me in real life, you've undoubtedly heard me talk about this before,
but i am a firm believer that washing your hair with the least frequency possible,
makes for healthier, happier strands and i'm happy to say
that i wash mine no more than once a week!
i have a number of hairstyles that help extend the life of a blowout,
and the one you see here is a summer staple for me.
all i do is brush through hair until smooth and pull into a tight french braid
before hitting the gym for a sweaty workout.
i leave it like that all day (to dry),
but you could probably hit it with a blow dryer to speed up the process.
for this look, i carefully undid the braid, ran my fingers through the pieces
and then scrunched it with my hands after a quick spritz of hairspray!
SO easy!
alexa chung tee - lacee swan (more models here!)
shorts - j. crew
heels - DKNY
clutch - vintage, thrifted
rings - nana's
bracelets - j. crew/forever21/francesca's