Oh Happy Day!

guess what today is???
 the concrete catwalk's 2nd birthday!
no big celebrations happening around here, today,
but i wanted to mention it because i need to tell you
how thankful i am that you stop by and show your support.
it may sound trite, but this blog has opened up so many wonderful doors for me
and has allowed me to meet some fabulous people that have become dear friends.
perhaps best of all - it has had an enourmous part in
helping me to be able to do what i do for a living everyday
and for that, i am so SO grateful.
this site would be nothing without the folks who read it
and tell their friends about it and follow us on facebook & twitter,
and that's why i want you to go have a big piece of cake for me today!
ALSO, swing by later if you're interested in seeing my style segmentwhere i talk about SUMMER LEGS!