Concrete Catwalk // Shirt to Skirt

i had a moment of sartorial desperation the other day.
i knew i was going to wear one of my new scarves,
(this one is from jentine... pretty, no?)
and from there i decided on my vintage sailor shirt,
but i could not for the life of me settle on what to wear on bottom!
none of my skirts would do, and since that's what i felt like wearing,
(and since we were in a hurry to get to a friends house) i knew it was time to get creative.
i peeked over into g's side of the closet and snatched his chambray shirt
and what you see above is the end result!
just goes to show that there aren't many fashion conundrums that
dinner with friends and a yummy bottle of wine won't motivate you to plow through!
speaking of vino - i hope you have a great weekend, sweetie pies!
don't forget that sunday at noon (CST) is when the sign ups to the scarf swap close!
oh, and check out the beginnings of my "silk scarf" pinterest board
if you're looking for inspiration on how to wear your own!
scarf - yen
top - vintage, thrifted
necklace - nana's
bracelets - don't remember
skirt/shirt - j. crew (men's)
ring - j. crew
sandals - nine west