Concrete Catwalk // Lace

Lace | Everybody, Everyweari'm a day late on my everybody everywear "lace" challenge,but i'm thinking those nice gals over there will forgive me.even wearing a shirt with holes in it was way too warm(and let's be honest, the polyblend pants didn't help either)so i must confess i ended up in shorts by the end of the day.p.s. did you see kendi yesterday in the sassy scarf i sent her for the scarf swap?sign up and you can have a new friend send you a sassy scarf for your very own!
top - thriftedbralette - forever21necklace - vintage, thriftedbelt - expresstrousers - vintage, thriftedpurse - vintage, thriftedplatforms - fergie, via endless.combracelets - j. crew & clothing swap