Concrete Catwalk // Blues & Bows

 happy monday, sugarpots!
i've got a busy day lined up, and TONS of scarf swap coordinating to do,
(we had over 150 people sign up - awesome!)
so let's get right to it...
i wore the outfit you see above for a VERY full day of work on saturday,
(styling a photoshoot of a family being featured in the august issue of money magazine)
and i knew it was going to have to get me through 6 hrs in the car & at least 8 hrs on my feet,
while still keeping me cool and looking somewhat put together.
a sometimes tricky balance to achieve, i've found!
(if you happen to like the blouse
it's currently for sale in my shop!!!) *update: sold this morning! here is another that is similar!*
also, i wanted to show you my new ring! (2nd photo)
g came home with it for me last week, and it's my new FAVE.
love having a husband that knows my taste perfectly...
thanks, sweetheart! :)
top - vintage, the spice rack
scarf - vintage, thrifted
cropped cargos - j. crew
heels - target
handbag - j. crew
bracelets - francesca's, j. crew, clothing swap