Concrete Catwalk // Sunshine

eeps! not the greatest photo quality you've ever seen, right?
we were having some serious technical difficulties with el camera
and our only other option was to use the little point and shoot on hand.
i promise the pics for the rest of the week are much sharper, kay?
i wore this outfit for wine on the patio with friends
and then sushi dinner with my immediate family at stingray.
the bright orange sweater was an homage to both the fabulous az sunsets
and also a tip of the hat to my beloved phoenix suns.
(you didn't know i was an NBA fan, did you!?)
i loved the way the bright color contrasted with the modern zebra mini
and the stamped leather clogs pull in a little bit of the western feel that scottsdale was known for
back before ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery, high-end shopping & golf courses.
(you didn't know i was a cowgirl at heart, did you!?)
since we're apparently sharing about ourselves today,
tell me one of your favorite things about where you grew up,
and stay tuned for the next arizona outfit (and the caftan tutorial) tomorrow!

oh, how could i forget...  one last thing!the winner of the my mom, the style icon giveaway isCALLIE!congratulations and i'll be emailing you shortly with the details.a big thanks to chronicle books for making it all possible!

sweater - old navy via TxSCC swap
necklace - j. crew
miniskirt - j. crew
belt - vintage, thrifted
heels - jessica simpson via