Concrete Catwalk // Citrus

the last installment of the arizona outfit series is here!
has this been totally weird, or are you liking the change of scenery?
be honest!
my parents still live in the house that my mom grew up in
and the entire neighborhood was originally built on miles of grapefruit and orange groves.
i've come to the conclusion that this explains my obsession with anything citrus,
and my lemony-yellow blouse is an ode to the thousands and thousands of grapefruits
i've picked and eaten right off of my parents trees (often 2 or 3 in one sitting).
thanks for indulging me on the traveling outfit posts... it's been fun to give you a peek at my roots!
hope you have a great weekend, and don't forget: if you still need some great mother's day gift ideas,
i'll be doing a fun style segment tomorrow morning on FOX4 news
(at 8:50am) sharing some of my favorite gift picks for the lovely mothers in our lives!
silk scarf - nana's
sunnies - fred flare
earrings - clothing swap
blouse - vintage, rock candy boutique
bolo tie - vintage, thrifted
shorts - j. crew
handbag - vintage, antique store
platforms - faryl robin from habitat