Concrete Catwalk // Cutoffs

i tweeted the other day about wanting to find the perfect pair of denim cutoff shorts,
but i am still on the hunt, and am rocking these oldies from college in the meantime.
i'd definitely be up for a DIY pair, but i'm really picky about fit when it comes to shorts
and i don't really have any jeans that are hackable right now.
will you let me know if you've seen any great pairs or how-to tutorials?
i would also like to note that the first photo above is perfectly appropriate for today.
despite the fact that i'm fighting the same sick that g has had all last week,
i'm literally jumping for joy because i leave for arizona tomorrow!
i LOVE visiting my homestate, and i'm super excited to spend 10 days with my family,
and meet with some new clients for some special on-location consults.
i'll still be blogging while i'm gone (i've got some great posts lined up!)
and am REALLY excited about all of the outfits i packed
so i'll have lots of fun ones to share with you when i get back.
*hint: they are all ARIZONA themed! cheesy? perhaps! will you love it? hopefully!*
here's hoping you have a couple leaps-of-joy in your monday, too.
top - vintage, thrifted
shorts - citzens of humanity
earrings - early jewelry
necklace - garage sale
bag - target
moccasins - minnetonka, tj maxx