Hair // I Need a New 'Do

we're back in town and i've got about a day to unpack/repack before leaving
also on my to-do list in the next 24 hours?
heading to the salon for a hair update!
i am feeling really torn about what i'm going to have to julie do this time,
so i thought i'd show you some looks i've tried in the past
and see if anyone has any thoughts.
 golden blonde
this is how my hair has been for the majority of my life.
basic (longish) cut, blonde with some highlights
(also, how CUTE is my little brother?!)
silvery blonde
the lightest it's ever been, this is what it looked like the week before our wedding.
(i'm making that face because i just had my bridal makeup/hair done
and i was sending a photo to my mom.)
 front view
 side view
(hi, daddy!)
the post-wedding chop
i cut off and donated my 17-inch ponytail a few months after we moved to kc
(it had grown even longer after the wedding)
and i loved my piecey short cut, so i kept it this way for almost a year
the growing out process, however, was horrendous; observe...
asymmetrical bob + light reddish brown
collarbone cut + dark reddish brown
(not surprising that two of the only photos
i liked during these phases were with my sweet sara.)
black brown + shoulder length w/ bangs
this was my i'm-totally-bored-with-my-hair-and-there's-nothing-else-to-do style
i didn't normally wear my bangs parted like that, but they were always so long
and i'm sure i brushed them aside so that i could see my computer.
(and yes, i have a cat on my backside)
i grew my bangs back out as quickly as i could and added blonde to the ends
ombre color at all lengths
obviously this was a while ago because it's much longer now,
but i've had it in some variation of the ombre trend since spring of 2009
(which means it's HIGH TIME for an update)
SO, which one is your favorite? any hair trends that you've seen that you think i should try?
i love the alexa chung/scarjo-messy-shoulder-length-bob look
but i'm just not sure that i'm ready to chop my locks off again...
what do you think? i'd love for you to weigh in with your comments!