Concrete Catwalk // Swapped Sweater

ok, so i got a little excited about all of the warm weather we were having
and i think i jumped the gun in thinking that winter was already over.
i put all of my cold-weather-wear in storage, and pulled out my dresses and shorts,
and what do you know?
it's supposed to snow this weekend.
luckily i kept this vintage swapped sweater out that i had snagged
at the TxSCC swap a few weekends ago,
and it was just the right layering piece for a night out on the town with g.
also? i just cannot get enough of my DIY scalloped skirt.
i want to wear it all the time, so prepare yourself to see it a whole lot this summer.
i hope you have a great weekend, my dears, and stay warm!
i'll be curled up on the couch editing spice rack photos
and posting all of the new goodies to the shop...
do you have any fun plans?UPDATE: many have asked about a tutorial for this project,and it was really almost to simple to even explain...i basically took a water glass of the desired sizeand traced it right on the the leather with a piece of white chalk(being sure to center the first scallop in the middle-front).i traced the half-circles all the way around and then cut along the line.i know that amanda posted a similar DIY here, on a pair of tweed shorts,so check out her post if you need extra guidance.feel free to email me if you have specific questions about the project,and if you try it for yourself, be sure to send photos!
earrings - early jewelry
stole - inherited from my grandmother (also worn here)
sweater - vintage, TxSCC swap, courtesy of market publique
belt - vintage, thrifted
skirt - vintage, thrifted/DIY
heels - charlotte russe