Concrete Catwalk // Dipped Denim

more photos taken by the lovely merl
(what would we have done without her all weekend?!)
my outfit posts have been a little out of order over the past week or so...
this is what i wore on the last day of the TxSCC (to the actual panel meetings)
and i don't know if it was because i had made a gaggle of new best friends
and was feeling endlessly inspired, or because i was wearing silky pants
[that should really be classified as pajamas],
but i was feeling really great about what i had on.
could also have been because two different people told me that i reminded them
of the fabulous beth from b. jones style!(i could have hugged them! i have a major girl crush on that one.)
i also thought i'd mention the dip-dyed sleeves of my denim jacket.
i totally fell in love with the idea after seeing it on garance dore,
(what? she always finds the coolest things that inspire great ideas!)
and so i had to try it on this denim jacket that i thrifted at the end of last summer.
i'm sure someone will end up asking for a how-to, so here it is:
- fill two identical glasses about 1/3 with bleach & 1/3 with water
(for you math whizzes, this means the glass will only be 2/3 full)
- place each jacket sleeve cuff-first into their respective glasses, being careful not to splash
- adjust as necessary to make sure they are submerged the same amount
- check every 20 mins or so until the denim has reached the desired lightness
- rinse your jacket in the sink and repeat if necessary
- wash in your machine as you normally would and hang to dry

jacket - thrifted, bleached by me!top - vintage vogue (in kc)necklace - vintage, thrifted (in boise)silky pants - vintage, thriftedbelt - vintage, thrifted clogs - jessica simpson