Concrete Catwalk // Rose Ceremony

we spent valentine's day having a delicious dinner
with the two other couples that we watch the bachelor with each week
(not the most romantic, but much less pressure and waaay more fun)
the guys did EVERYthing, and let the ladies relax on the couch
and then they surprised up with our very own rose ceremony
(don't worry, we each got one!)
g and i also surprised each other with a few small gifts
even though we said we weren't exchanging any this year.
i got him a set of 1950's cufflinks with a handpainted horse on each one
and he got me the pretty little feather ring on my right hand (above),
the stila for j. crew lipgloss set, the essie for j. crew nailpolish set,
and some other pretty unmentionables. ;)
tee - j. crew
belt - vintage, thrifted
skirt - forever21
tights - target
clogs - jessica simpson,
coat - vintage, boomerangs
scarf - forever21